Twin delay v.1.0

twin delay

Twin delay v.1.0

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Twin Delay is a VST plugin designed for emulation of digital and analogue delay effects. The program is not an exact copy of already existing hardware-based equipment, nevertheless it can be used for producing a majority of popular effects, as well as some modulation and ‘unusual’ effects, for instance Flanger, Metallizer.
Special attention have been given to analogue delay algorithms, that make it possible to create beautiful and original sounds, frequently used in such genres as IDM, Experimental, Breaks and especially Dub, as well as genres that use Dub elements: Dub techno, Dubstep, Dubwise and so on.
Main features of the Twin Delay are:
– Digital algorithm and 3 original tape algorithms
– Channel Delay
– 3 types of sync: auto, ms and manual bpm
– Cross feedback function for ping-pong delay algorithms
– Mono/stereo smooth function
– HP and LP filters with tube drive emulation
– Programmed with Delphi and Assembler
– 65+ presets
Unzip and copy Twin Delay.dll into your VST Plugin folder.

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Twin Delay

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Twin-Delay-v1.0  ( 984 KB )

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