TED – Digital Nylon

TED - Digital Nylon

TED – Digital Nylon

size 1.8 MB  / 3 MB

Digital Nylon gives the impression of a nylon guitar sound.

An envelope delayed vibrato comes in if Aftertouch or ModWheel are used. You can change the Tone of the instrument.

It has an inbuilt delay. There is a Help button to label the controls. The sample rate you use affects the Tone of the instrument, I recommend 48000hz.

I also recommend playing with soft velocities in mind as a lot of the realism comes from the velocity dynamic, constantly playing velocities of 127 will cause the model to overload.

TED has no (more) website

TED - Digital Nylon  TED - Digital Nylon  TED - Digital Nylon

TED-DigitalNylon32  ( 1.8 MB )

TED-DigitalNylon64  ( 3 MB )

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