TED – Digital Nylon

Digital Nylon 2

Digital Nylon

size 1.8 MB  / 3 MB

Digital Nylon gives the impression of a nylon guitar sound.
An envelope delayed vibrato comes in if Aftertouch or ModWheel are used. You can change the Tone of the instrument.
It has an inbuilt delay. There is a Help button to label the controls. The sample rate you use affects the Tone of the instrument, I recommend 48000hz.
I also recommend playing with soft velocities in mind as a lot of the realism comes from the velocity dynamic, constantly playing velocities of 127 will cause the model to overload.

TED has no (more) website

download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

TED-DigitalNylon32  ( 1.8 MB )

TED-DigitalNylon64  ( 3 MB )

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