Tapestop 2


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Tapestop re-creates the time-stretched sound that happens when you press the stop button

  • PLAY/STOP button: Trigger a slowdown/speed up.
  • MODE:
    EP = A normal slowdown.
    TD = Do a “search position” at the end.
    T = Toggle PLAY/STOP when PLAY/STOP button is pressed.
    D = Direct A slowdown as long as the PLAY/STOP button is pressed and a speed up on release of the button. Use the D mode when the plugin is automated to get proper(expected) action.
  • UP/DOWN buttons: Indicates direction. If pressed it turns grey and disable the selected direction.
  • SPEED box:
    LEFT click to select DOWN speed.(green)
    RIGHT click to select UP speed.(red) 
  • BLUE show live position in slowdown buffer.
    REALTIME = for live/automation use.
    OFFLINE = will trigger current PLAY/STOP button direction when the plugin resume is called. This is used when you use for example Wavelab and want to process a selected portion in a wave file.
    ON = fade the volume together with the speed.
  • FULL SPEED MUTE: ON = Mute output when full speed is attained. This is desired when you use the plugin as a send effect.
  • UP/DOWN OFF FADE TIME: 0%-100% If a direction is turned off then you can set the fade to zero/full time to avoid clicks.
  • 0%-100% To smooth the re-entrance from slowed buffer to live signal.
  • BUTTON: NORMAL/REVERSED. Some people think backwards and want the PLAY/STOP button to show the “next” state instead of the “is” state.

download win 32 download free vst

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