Subconscious 3


size 1.82 MB

A dual hybrid synth with a unique arpeggiation sequencer.
An arpeggiation sequencer synth split into 2 sections for crossfading with feedback modulation. Independant filter and amp envelopes for both sections. Subconscious has 2 different onboard sequencers, a gate sequencer and a modulation sequencer, which can be used for stepped sequences, gated pads and modulation of the pitch and filters.

  • 2 oscillator sections, each consist of a modulator and carrier
  • Sync, Ringmod and FM of each osc section
  • Crossfader with reverse (hampster) switches
  • 2 filter sections with envelope inverters, gain compression & stages 1-4
  • Gate Sequencer: For triggering or gating sequences
  • Mod Sequencer: For sequence modulation of pitch and filters
  • Sequencer Polyphony: Allows ‘layering’ of sequences for each key pressed, thus acting similar to an arpeggiator.
  • Random Probability for each sequencer
  • 5 envelopes:
  • 2 amp, 2 filter and one mod. Each envelope can be triggered by the gate sequencer, individually or simultaneously.
  • 3 assignable LFOs with fade in time
  • Dual Stereo Delay section
  • Assignable X/Y vector and modwheel
  • Feedback modulation:
  • Creates feedback between the 2 oscillator sections, which modulate each other.
  • 64 presets (32 by Tim Conrardy)

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

subconsciousv1.2  ( 1.82 MB )

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