spattle 3


size 1.52 MB

Spattle is a simple spacer plugin.
Sounds very nice on 60’s organ-sounds.

  • SIZE= length of the reverb-tail.
  • WIDTH= amount of pre-delay.
  • DAMP= cuts the highs of the reverb.
  • MIX= amount of reverb in your signal.


  • TIME: delay time.
  • FDBCK: repeats.
  • LPF: cutoff-frequency of the lowpass filter (the filter only affects the repeats).
  • MIX: amount of delay in your signal.
  • WETNESS crossfades the incomming signal with the output of the effect (when used as send fx, the incomming signal is boosted).

download win 32 download free vst

spattle  ( 1.52 MB )

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