SNFK Music – StupidCompressor

SNFK Music - StupidCompressor


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StupidCompressor is a dynamic range compressor / transient shaper.

StupidCompressor was designed with CPU and memory management in mind. The sound engine was rewritten multiple times to ensure it wouldn’t be a CPU hog.

Advanced features can be found in the advanced panel and include compressing a certain frequency range, transient shaping, limiting, and two simple clipping distortion types.

  • Stereo Compressor with ratio, attack, release, and gain staging.
  • Visualizer for the ratio and threshold.
  • Visualizer showing the input & output levels, the threshold, and gain reduction.
  • Bandpass Compressor – Only compress a certain frequency range.
  • Transient Shaper – features both increase and decrease in transients.
  • Limiter – Found in the clipping section; it is used for clipping without creating new harmonics (and also plain limiting if you wish).
  • Soft & Hard Clipper – Sometimes you will want new harmonics; these are perfect for adding them in.

YouTube video

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StupidCompressor  ( 0.6 MB )

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