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SmallQoo is a 8 voice poly Compact Synth.

  • 8 voice polyphonic VSTi (for windows only).
  • 1 AntiAliased OSC with flex PWM.
  • 1 HP/BP/LP Filter.
  • 1 ADSR Env.
  • 1 Tempo Syncable LFO with AD Env.
  • Delay/Chorus Effect.

OSC Section

  • Form(20): WaveForm Select [Rnd/Sin/Tri/Sqr/Saw].
  • Tune(21): [-24 to +24].
  • PulseWidth(22): Effective for all waveform except for [Rnd].

FILTER Section

  • Freq(23): Cutoff.
  • Q(24): Resonance.
  • Type(25): LPF/BPF/HPF Selection.

ENV Section

  • A(26): Attack.
  • D(27): Decay.
  • S(28): Sustain.
  • R(29): Release.
  • MOD:Tune(30): ENV Moduration to OSC Tune.
  • MOD:Filter(31): ENV Moduration to Filter Freq.

LFO Section

  • Form(33): LFO Waveform [Rnd]/[Sin]/[Tri]/[Sqr]/[Ramp]/[Saw].
  • Freq(32): LFO Freq. if [Sync] pressed, the LFO is Tempo Synced.
  • Sync(34): switch LFO to [Freerun]/[TempoSynced].
  • LFOENV:A(35): LFO Envelope Attack.
  • LFOENV:D(36): LFO Envelope Decay.
  • MOD:Tune(37): LFO to OSC Tune Moduration.
  • MOD:PWM(38): LFO to OSC PW Moduration.
  • MOD:Filter(39): LFO to Filter Freq Moduration.
  • MOD:Amp(40): LFO to Amp Moduration.

EFFECT Section

  • DELAY:Time(41): TempoSynced Delay Effect Time.
  • DELAY:Lev(42): TempoSynced Delay Effect Level.
  • Chorus(43): Chorus Effect Depth.

OTHER Section

  • Glide(44): Portament.
  • Vol(7): Master Volume.
  • Pan(10): Master Pan.

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