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Six is a 6 operator FM synth, incorporating the 32 DX7 algorithms.

  • Every Operator has a fine tune and octave from -6 to 3. Also pulse width.
  • The fine tune can be reset on every operator or for all the operators.
  • 5 different waveforms saw / triangle / pulse / sine / ramp.
  • 8 stage envelope with 4 different curves with an extra time and level.
  • The filter has the same envelope as the operators with 7 different filter types: db12 lowpass / db24 lowpass / 36db lowpass / hipass / bandpass / 4 pole moog filter and a 8 pole moog filter.
  • 3 effects on board: chorus / phaser and a stereo delay with a crosser.
  • Powerful random option to create your own presets very fast.
  • Extra phase modulation and feedback controls.
  • 128 presets.

download win 32 download free vst

Six  ( 4.91 MB )

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