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Dust Arp 32

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Dust Arp 32 is a polyphonic pattern arpeggiator.

  • Gate sets the length of the “short” notes, while “ties” will end at the end of the step, unless there’s a note at the next step (that is played, in case of jumps), at which point the two notes will merge into one.
  • Shift (with either button) will draw “monophonic” only.
  • Control (with either button) will affect “everything above” that row.
  • With both shift and control, everything above draws, everything below clears.
  • The horizontal slider below the dots will set the pattern length.
  • The vertical bars below that will set the velocities of the notes that start at that step
It has some “intelligence” to try to do the “right thing” which can sometimes result in somewhat confusing behavior, but it tries really hard to avoid anything “bad” going on.. so you should always get something “sort of reasonable” even when you do random things on the fly.
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download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

Dust-Arp ( 0.5 MB )

Dust-Arp_x64  ( 0.6 MB )

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