Severák – Traveller

severak traveller 2


size 8.9 MB

Traveller is a monophonic synth inspired by Korg Synthe-Bass and it’s overall simplicity.

  • 1 oscillator with 6 different waveforms (two of these are actually PWM-modulated square and one is noise).
  • Twisted monophony
  • Traveller slider (filter cuttoff).
  • Slow/instant slider (attack time).
  • Bump/singing slider (release time).
  • Hold switch (sustain on/off).
  • Bite switch (resonance on/off).
  • Quack switch (filter follows envelope on/off).
  • And most importantly – volume knob.

The twist (in monophony) is that while you cannot hold two or more notes, you can hear previous note release while next one kicks in. This is actually implementation defect, but I left it as is because it adds character to the synth.
There are no presets as I believe limitations stimulates creativity but there is demo video to inspire you.
Good to know: don’t forget to unpack csound64.dll to plugin folder. It’s open source – just open traveller.csd and examine or change code (refer to the Cabbage docs). It has no velocity sensitivity, but tone depends on how long you hold the key (for tones with long attack). You can use pitch bend wheel.

download win 64 download free vst

traveller  ( 8.9 MB )

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