Salamander Piano

Salamander Piano 3

Salamander Piano

size 832 MB  /  833 MB  /  840 MB  /  840 MB

Salamander Piano is a sampled Yamaha C5 grand piano.
Sampled in 16 velocity layers by Alexander HolmFeel, the Salamander Piano is one of the largest and smoothest stand alone free pianos.
It makes a good rock or pop piano as it can cut through mixes and also sounds realistic enough to solo.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Salamander_Piano_-_32  ( 832 MB )

Salamander_Piano_-_64  ( 833 MB )

Salamander_Piano.component  ( 840 MB )

Salamander_Piano.vst_  ( 840 MB )

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