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RetroDelay has the character and sound of a vintage delay unit.
But it features many modern options. It also can produce modulation, chorus, flanger and phaser effects.

  • Independent left and right channel delay lines.
  • BPM synced or manual times (up to 6 seconds).
  • Forwards or backwards delays.
  • X-feedback.
  • Ping-pong delays.
  • 1 feedback pass, there will always be 1 feedback.
  • Optional negative feedback for phaser/flanger effects.
  • Optional short delay times for phaser/flanger effects.
  • Integrated automatic limiter.
  • 2 BPM synced LFO’s 1 modulates filter cutoff, the other the delay time (only available for forwards delay).
  • 4 LFO modes, sine, triangle, ramp, envelope follower.
  • LFO, left/right channel inverse options.
  • 24dB/oct resonant filter placed in the feedback path.
  • Switchable lowpass, bandpass, highpass, lowshelf and highshelf mode.
  • Saturation.
  • Saturate and limit parameters.
  • 2 different types.
  • Old-school spring reverb.
  • Size, color and mix parameters.
  • Optional mono mode.
  • Fade out option, when using high feedback setings.
  • Fade out time parameter.
  • Pitchbend wheel, for smooth delay time changes.

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retrodelay ( 0.26 MB )

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