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Mork is an analog-style synth that can be used to create soundtrack-type sounds.
Designed for deep, low PAD’s or spacy melodies, it can also produce convincing storm-sounds.

  • SINE/NOISE switch selects the waveform of the secund oscillator.
  • MIX knob sets the mix of the 2 oscillators (fully counterclockwise= only oscillator 1, fully clockwise= only oscillator2).
  • DETUNE knob detunes oscillator 2.
  • OCTAVE and SEMITONE selectors affect the pitch of oscillator 2.
  • BENDRANGE selector effects the range of the pitch-wheel for both oscillators.
  • PORTAMENTO changes the portamento-time (glide between notes) for both oscillators.
  • ADSR knobs control the VCA (volume).
  • 8 sliders control the delays. There’s 4 delays on the left channel & 4 on the right(delay-times & repeats are fixed, the sliders control the mix of each delay).
  • AFFECT knob sets the overall mix of all 8 delays.
  • FUZZ increases the distortion of the fuzz. (fuzz-effect is very velocity-sensitive & therefor highly responsive to playing-dynamics. Since the fuzz-circuit is hooked up after the delays, you can have it set to where only some of the repeats are distorted).
  • FUZZ MIX sets how much the fuzz-circuit affects the signal.
  • RECTIFY button rectifies the signal coming from the delays & is hooked up before the fuzz.
  • HP/LP switch selects the filter-type.
  • CUTOFF controls the cutoff-frequency of the filter.
  • RES controls the resonance of the filter.

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mork ( 1.44 MB )

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