Mid-Side Signal Processor

MS13 3

Mid-Side Signal Processor

size 1.14 MB

Terry West’s latest plug-in is a free MS mastering processor.
It is a plug-in designed for decoding and processing signals of an independent middle (Mid, which is common to both stereo channels) and side (Side, a signal which consists of different elements in both channels). As mentioned above, treatment of the Mid-Side is a secret weapon of mastering houses, which allows them a way to enter into the structure of already finished recording. Thanks to this plugin you may change the bass, vocal and arrangement of the main instruments, improve, or even the deployment of space in the panorama of a drum kit, the clarity of reverb, smooth or saturate the sound etc. Terry West MS is a processor that not only splits the signal band and the Mid Side, but also allows them to apply to the 3-band EQ (eg, cut the bass in the tone generally Side makes the mix becomes more clear), and – what is very interesting – the effect of saturation (Saturation) – regardless of the band and the Mid Side. The processor is very useful and unlike the specialized tools of this type (eg, produced by other companies) no need for him to pay a penny.

  • In-Out Gain.
  • Mid-Side Pan.
  • Mid-Side Volume + fine.
  • Three bands Eq”s for MS.
  • Tape saturators for MS.
  • In-Out L-R Phase invert.
  • In-Out Signal invert.
  • In-Out Phase meters.
  • Full automation.
  • Doubleclick on faders resets.

YouTube video

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ms13  ( 1.14 MB )

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