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Microrock is physically modelled mono bass with filters, distortion, overdrive and chorus. Some “fake” guitar sounds are possible too.

  • monophonic synthesizer for basses, leads and powerchords, Legato performance, pitchbend
  • two Karplus_Strong oscillators, Exciter (amount of energy to string) Pick (noise amplitude 0..2 pre filter), beware: pick adds to exciter
  • nisFilter (noise LP filter 40..3860 Hz)
  • Modulation (amount of noise modulation to pitch)
  • Fixing (picking position on the string emulation)
  • one ADSR envelope with variable curvature, it controls Amp and DynaTone filters
  • DynaTone, multiple filter parameters combined in one control
  • ToneRama, filters mixer
  • Overdrive and Distorter
  • ModWheel controls Sustain stage
  • CC07 control output level
  • Chorus
  • Legato on off (off for arpeggiator usage)
  • Velocity Sensivity

download win 32 download free vst

microrock  ( 0.50 MB )

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