metaverb 3


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METAVERB is an experimental reverb built arround two reverb tank.
It is based on three modules:

  • MODULATION is a sine LFO, you can set the SPEED (BPM) and the DEPTH.
  • DEPTH set to 0 = MODULATION OFF.
  • TRCK (tracking) grab the input signal to drive the CUT-OFF.


  • SIZE, WIDTH and DAMP are standard parameters. SIZE set to 0 = REVERBERATION OFF.
  • COLOR : on left, digital 80’s style, on right, smooth verb’, 12 o’clock, neutral.
  • A/B MOD : swap smoothly between the two TANK. SPEED (BPM) set the speed of cross mix.
  • SLOPE : on left, smooth transition, on right, hard transition.
  • SINGLE : only TANK A is online.
  • FREEZE : freeze the input buffer.


  • this module allow some real-time handling from the audio input stream.
  • You can set the individual amount inside each module.
  • INPUT set to 0 = TRACKING OFF.

Essentialy dedicated to drums and vocals, the presets should help you to start, but this effect is dependant from the audio source. RED labels allow direct input.

download win 32 download free vst

metaverb  ( 1.01 MB )

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