AudioDesk MBX 3


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MBX3 is a monophonic bass synthesizer, inspired by the legendary analog monophonic MAM MB33 mkII bass synthesizer.
With the very similar layout as the original, the MBX3 has one oscillator with sawtooth or pulse waveform and a sub oscillator with sine waveform, followed by an analog-modelled 24db lowpass filter with modified resonance reaction and passive-controlled overdrive circuit inside the filter. Like the original the MBX3 has a distortion fx unit on the signal output for more aggressive sound shaping. All the features united with 2x oversampling and low cpu demand.

  • Monophonic bass synthesizer.
  • 1 Oscillator with 2 Waveforms (Sawtooth & Pulse).
  • 1 Sub-oscillator.
  • Analog modelled 4-Pole lowpass filter.
  • Modified resonance reaction.
  • Pass-controlled overdrive circuit in the filter.
  • PWM and filter modulation.
  • VCA with glide control.
  • Distortion fx unit.
  • 2x oversampling.
  • 10 factory presets.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

Audio_Desk_MB3X_Bass_Synthesizer_v1.0  ( 1.91 MB )

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