Maschinenmusik – MM SY 55 LEADER



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MM SY 55 LEADER is a monophonic analog synthesizer.

The architecture is quite simple : osc -> filter -> distortion -> amp, but the sounds are very different from this beast. Agressive, ill, manic and brutal are the main aspects of the presets and so the LEADER is best suited for agressive, dark and noisy type of music.

Don’t expect any nice pads or simulations of acoustic instruments from this synth. Fat subbasses , heavy distorted Leads ( hence the name LEADER )and extreme FX are the domain of MM SY 55 LEADER.

This synth is monophonic, no internal effects and everything is controllable with MIDI CC messages.


download win 32 download free vst

mm_sy-55-Leader  ( 0.9 MB )

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