Lusus 3


size 1.57 MB

Lusus is a simple but powerful virtual analogue synthesizer with a total of 16 voices.
It is powered by 4 oscillators per voice (2 analogue and 2 digital – where you draw the waveform), 1 multimode filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch and Peak), 2 envelopes and 1 LFO. There´s also a wavescope where you can see the synthesizer´s output waveform in real time.
Powerful effects section with OuraDrive (also available as a separate vst plugin), Chorus and Delay. The tandem filter-ouradrive-chorus works particulary well, being the responsable for the synthesizer´s fat and warm sound.
Lusus is completely automatable and has 32 presets onboard.

download win 32 download free vst

Lusus  ( 1.57 MB )

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