LeGion 3


size 1.31 MB  / 1.35 MB  / 2.99 MB  / 1.54 MB

LeGion is a high gain preamp simulator.

This is an original design, it’s not based on any hardware gear. My goal here was to build a high gain sim that doesn’t need any booster in front in order to be tight.

  • 2 channels, actually two completely different preamp circuit
  • 2 modes on each channel, rhythm and lead
  • 2 tonestacks assignable to any of the 2 channels
  • the usual drive and tone controls

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

LeGion  ( 1.31 MB )

LeGion_x64  ( 1.35 MB )

LeGion_MacAU  ( 2.99 MB )

LeGion_MacVST ( 1.54 MB )

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