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Lawnmower is a very flexible drive unit.
From subtle breakup to more extreme fuzz-type sounds. It’s great at distorting drums, synths & even vocals. There’s also an alternative version (1.3, included in the zip file), it has a different filter. The filter of the original lawnmower sounds smoother, but uses a lot more CPU. So this version is a nice solution for those effect heavy tracks….

  • IN controls the amount of volume going into the lawnmower.
  • OUT controls the overall output-level of the lawnmower.
  • DRIVE Boosts the first drive section, controlling the amount of distortion/overdrive. This section is supposed to sound like an overdriven tube-amp.
  • DRIVE II Boosts the secund drive section. This drive is more harsh-sounding.
  • THRESHOLD II sets the volume level where Drive II kicks in. This can be used to create dynamic effects, where louder parts are more affected then quieter ones.
  • FILTER: This section controls the frequency-range going into Drive II.
  • CUT controls the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • REZ controls the resonance of the filter. This emphasises the upper harmonics around the cutoff frequency.
  • MIX cross-fades the sound comming from Drive I with the output of the filter.
  • CLIPPER: This restricts (clips) the signal to a range between two voltages. It can be used to taim more extreme settings.
  • HIGH LIMIT sets the maximum level.
  • LOW LIMIT sets the minimum level

YouTube video

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lawnmower1.3 ( 2.99 MB )

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