Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE

Hi NRGZoneRetroLE 3

Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE

size 1.82 MB

Hi-NRG Zone Retro LE is a 3 multi-oscillator synthesizer
It is designed to allow easy access to those old classic synthesizer sounds that defined the “Hi-NRG” vibe on the dance floor. HZR-01 is simple to program and has all the synth programming parameters on the front panel. Tweak a knob and you immediately begin to sculpt the sound. It comes with 16 presets to get you started down the Hi-NRG path.

  • 24 user presets, 16 custom presets.
  • Midi automation.
  • 3 Tunable Multi-Oscillators.
  • Delay effect.
  • VST 2.4.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

Hi-NRGZoneRetroLE1.1  ( 1.82 MB )

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