Guitar Gadgets

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Guitar Gadgets

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Guitar Gadgets is a compilation of “false” analog pedal models, doing strange, weird, ugly but fun sounds.

It is made to be used with an electric guitar and a guitar amp simulation, but you can use it with whatever you want.

Included effects are:

  • Delay Attack: a delay effect which can be controlled by the way you attack the guitar strings.
  • Super Phazer: a modulated phaser effect.
  • Niagara Falls: a bathroom / cathedral / Niagara Falls – like reverberation effect.
  • The Crusher: an effect which brings only destruction and annihilation.
  • Larsenator: a false larsen generator thanks to distortion and feedback.
  • Combulator: a modulated comb filter effect.
  • Miaou Miaou pedal: it’s like a Wah Wah pedal, but it does “Miaou Miaou” instead.
  • Microcassette: a tape recorder emulation, going a little too far maybe.
  • Slicer: an effect which slices the sound from the guitar at any specified rate.
  • Filtrator: a filter pedal effect like.
  • Convolutor: a gadget to convolute weird sounds.
  • Marshallizer : a guitar amp tonestack simulation.
  • Little Leslie : an emulation of a rotating Leslie speaker.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

GuitarGadgets  ( 4 MB )

GuitarGadgets64  ( 4.25 MB )

GuitarGadgets_MacAU  ( 7.65 MB )

GuitarGadgets_MacVST ( 7.57 MB )

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