Gmoican PunkMuff v1.0.0 Win Mac


PunkMuff v1.0.0 Win Mac

FREE | Win Mac | 6.7 MB

PunkMuff  is a JUCE audio plugin that emulates the behaviour of the Big Muff pedal effect through a ML model. This is a simple vst3/au distortion plugin made with JUCE that I built to introduce myself in the JUCE framework. I used Machine Learning to train a model based on the Big Muff Pi pedal, then added the MODE parameter to emulate the frequency response of other iterations of this pedal.
Special thanks to Keith Bloemer for his work and documentation on Neural Networks for Real-Time Audio.

Sustain: Sets the gain before the clipping processing.
Tone & Mode: Adjust the frequency response after the clipping. The MODE emulates the EQ curves of the following pedals:
Mode 1: Big Muff Pi.
Mode 2: Elk Sustainer.
Mode 3: Custom modification.
Level: Adjust the output gain.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Punk.Muff-1.0.0  ( 6 MB )

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