Forma-8 1.03

forma 8

Forma-8 1.03

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Forma-8 is a free formant filter which can morph between vowels using 4 corners of a XY pad – this allows you to make a range of human sounding effects on whatever you are applying it too.
Forma-8 displays a more than comprehensive interface which makes it a cinch to use by just about anyone that understands how an XY pad functions. In all the four corners you get drop-down menus from where you can choose the type of vowel and voice that is processed. You can select between ‘ee’, ‘ae’, ‘ah’, ‘aw’, ‘u^’, ‘oo’ and ‘er’ vowels and mix them with female and male vocals that are either sung or spoken.
In closing, Forma-8 is by all means an audio plugin that can definitely give you the right amount of audio transformation you need in order to add a human like voice effect to your songs.

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Forma-8_V1.03  ( 1.22 MB )

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