Elena Design – TunedDelays

TunedDelays 2


size 3 MB

TunedDelays is a delay-based harmonizer, capable of turning noises of any kind (from microphone noises to percussion lines) into musical material.
Can turn your microphone into a virtual guitar, turning “mic-strums” into guitar strums to produce incredibly realistic guitar lines.
3 MIDI-controlled tuned-delay lines with individually adjustable tuning, amplitude, either positive or negative feedback and feedback damping.
Builtin multimode resonant output filter and intrinsic (adjustable) stereo chorus effect.
Convenient builtin input noise gate (differential) and lo-cut filter.
Sync-able LFO (can modulate pitch, amplitude and filter cutoff).
Full stereo processing.
Note : this is a donationware using a nagscreen.


download win 64 download free vst

TunedDelaysVst2x64 ( 3 MB )

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