easy tauros 3


size 5.79 MB

Tauros is an emulation of the legendary Moog Taurus bass-synth.
It is based at the same Sound-Engine as our easy-muug XT. Try the included easy-muugXT-Demo to see the Differences …
2 Oscilators with 6 Waveforms (Triangle, Saw, Saw/Triangle and 3 different Pulses)
Tuning over 3 Octaves (8´-16´-32´) – Finetune Osc 2
Mixersection (Osc 1+3)
Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope
2 ADS-Envelopes (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier)
Additonal to the Original-Features:
Velocity – Reverb – Unisono-Function with Detune
Some Functions from easy-muugXT are hidden … but they works :=)
All Midi-CC are shown in Mouse-Hints in brackets !
NEW in Update: Waveform-Selector available !
64 Patches made by Kujashi (1-16) and  BAYAN (33-64)  Many Thanks !

YouTube video


download win 32 download free vst

easy-tauros  ( 5.79 MB )

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