DvnKeyFilter 3


size 2.16 MB  /  2.21 MB  /  3.36 MB  /  2.55 MB

DvnKeyFilter is a low pass filter with the cutoff frequency controlled by key tracking and a second parameter Expression assignable to any midi cc (or disable it and use your DAW envelope).

  • Low pass filter.
  • Filter “base” cutoff controlled by the last input key.
  • Expression control opens/closes the filter
  • Filter envelope controls (attack and release times).
  • Control the shape of the mapping of the expression with the Input Curve knob.
  • Input MIDI filtering to ignore keyswitches and midi channels.
  • Input gain, output gain and dry/wet knobs.
  • Peak meters for input and output.

How to use: First you need a midi track with an instrument. Add the DvnKeyFilter after the instrument. DvnKeyFilter must receive the audio from the instrument and the midi data from the track. Automate the Expression control through your DAW automation or MIDI CC#1. Adjust the expression curve for each note or group of notes. Try for yourself the best values for attack/release and the shape of the automation.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

DvnKeyFilter101_WIN_32  ( 2.16 MB )

DvnKeyFilter101_WIN_64  ( 2.21 MB )

DvnKeyFilter_MacAU  ( 3.36 MB )

DvnKeyFilter_MacVST  ( 2.55 MB )

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