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Burque combines phase distortion, subtractive synthesis & waveshaping to create synth-bass sounds.

  • MONO MODE: when on, the instrument will be monophonic.
  • RETRIGGER retriggers the envelopes with each note-on while playing legato (this function does not work when mono mode is off).
  • MAIN: level of the main (phase distortion) oscillator .
  • SUB 1: Level of (sinewave) oscillator 1.
  • SUB 2: Level of (sinewave) oscillator 2 (tuned one octave below main oscillator).
  • DETUNE: detunes the sinewaves.
  • AMP ADSR control the envelope of the VCA (volume).
  • FILTER ADSR control the envelope of the filter.
  • VOLUME: overall volume of the burque.
  • DIRT: amount of waveshaping that is applied to the signal.
  • RESONANCE: resonance of the filter.

YouTube video

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burque ( 1.67 MB )

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