Blue Lab Audio – Denoiser



size 40 MB  / 31 MB

Denoiser is a noise remover that attenuates or even suppress the background noise on a track, by learning the characteristics of the noise.

The noise and the interesting signal are separated in the spectral domain, and then the noise is attenuated or suppressed on the entire track.

The BlueLab Denoiser plugin works on all types of sounds, not only on vocals and on a subset of musical sounds.

The track must contain at least a small part (even very brief) containing only noise. This part can be for example the beginning or the end of the recording. The plugin learns the characteristics of the noise. Then this noise is attenuated or suppressed on the whole recording.

For more information about attenuating the background noise, a detailed user manual is provided with the plugin.

  • Learns the noise to suppress.
  • Possibility to listen to the extracted noise only.
  • Mix between noise and denoised signal.
  • Residual noise removal (“musical noise”).
  • Option for automatic residual noise removal, with better sound quality.
  • Transient boost parameter, to increase the attack that is often attenuated with this kind of process.
  • Quality parameter, from fast processing to best quality.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

BL-Denoiser-v5.1.2-win  ( 40 MB )

BL-Denoiser-v5.1.2-mac  ( 31 MB )

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