Audio Damage Legacy WiN MacOS Bundle 2022


Audio Damage Legacy Bundle 2022

size 210 MB

All 33 legacy Audio Damage plugins (VST/AU) including synthesizers, effects… are now available as FREE downloads for macOS and Windows

Technology is progressing and constantly improving. Audio technology too and accepts sacrifices. These are mostly software products or audio plugins that no longer work on modern computers. Often a driver or plugin format is no longer supported, thus developers are often forced to abandon products.

Audio Damage took this step with its plugins a few years ago. Support for a large number of products has been discontinued. Some plugins celebrated comeback in the form of a new version, others didn’t come back. Like any good trash movie, there has to be a rebirth. And yes, this applies also for the Audio Damage legacy plugins.Details
With the release of the new website, Audio Damage is giving away the entire catalogue of legacy VST/AU plugin for free. There are reason. They want to give the users the opportunity to download the purchase software again. That’s very good.

On the other hand, they want to dry out the market for cracked legacy installers. The risk of catching malware on such websites is very high. What Audio Damage is giving to the entire music producer community is impressive and a huge gesture. For people who still work with older computers, today is an early Christmas.

Audio Damage Legacy Plugins
33 plugins can be downloaded individually.There are synthesizers, a drum machine, a drum synth, effects like high-quality reverbs, delays, pitch shifters, filters and more. Some of the plugins come in multiple versions.

Audio Damage doesn’t provide support for these product. That means they doesn’t fix bugs or doesn’t update them. Don’t try to contact them, they will not answer the support emails for these plugins. AD says that most of them will work on most systems, but some of the oldest ones will most likely not work on a modern Mac or PC.

Each installer contains a VST2.4 and AU version. There is no VST3, AAX, or Linux versions available for these products. AD added a registration code in the zip file. These plugins are again resurrected from the software grave.

List Plugins :

907A and 914 fixed frequency filter
ADverb vintage reverb
Automation, a cellular automata buffer effect
Axon, a neural network drum machine
Basic, a subtractive Synthesizer
BigSeq 1 & 2, rhythmic gate effects
Bitcom, a rhythmic bit-crusher
Deverb, an abstract reverb
Discord (1, 2, 3) pitch shifter
Dr. Device filter
Dubstation, a bucket-brigade delay
Filterstation filter
Fluid chorus
FuzzPlus 3 distortion
Kombinat, multi-band distortion
Kombinat Dva, multi-band distortion
Liquid flanger
Mangleverb abstract reverb
Mayhem Suite with filter, delay and compressor
Panstation auto-panner
PhaseTwo phaser
Phosphor, an additive Synthesizer
Ratshack Reverb 2 delay
Replicant buffer effect
Ricochet multi-tap delay
Ronin multi-effect
Rough Rider 1 compressor
Rough Rider Pro, a multi-band compressor
Tattoo drum machine
Vapor diffusor

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Audio Damage 33 Legacy WiN.MacOS Bundle  ( 210 MB )

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