ATKStereoLimiter 2


size 0.93 MB  /  1.01 MB  / 0.45  MB  /  0.98 MB

ATKStereoLimiter is a stereo brickwall limiter.

This stereo plugin limits both channels by getting the max of the instantaneous power of them and applying a limiting gain function on them. There is no oversampling inside the plugin, so the output signal can overshoot.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

ATKStereoLimiter  ( 0.93 MB )

ATKStereoLimiter-x64  ( 1.01 MB )

ATKStereoLimiter.component  ( 0.45 MB )

ATKStereoLimiter_MacVST  ( 0.98 MB )

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