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ATKStereoCompressor is a dual channel compressor, with stereo or middle/side as well as serial or parallel path.

ATKStereoCompressor can work on 2 channels, left/right or middle/side, possibly in linked mode (only one set of parameters), and can be set up to mix the input signal with the compressed signal (serial/parallel compression).

ATKStereoCompressor  ATKStereoCompressor  ATKStereoCompressor ATKStereoCompressor  ATKStereoCompressor

ATKStereoCompressor  ( 0.78 MB )

ATKStereoCompressor_x64  ( 0.81 MB )

ATKStereoCompressor.component  ( 0.75 MB )

ATKStereoCompressor.vst  ( 0.76 MB )

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