Analog Obsession – ReLife



size 10 MB  / 26 MB

ReLife is a dynamic enhancer that simply gives second life to your lifeless tracks with ReLife! Easy to use and instant result!

  • INPUT : Gain compensated input knob will help you find sweet spot of your life. You can get softer or harder results with input.
  • SHAPE : Pre-defined EQ will shape your sound with carefully selected dynamic bands.
  • LIFE : It will let you give life to your tracks. Even higher settings won’t destroy your material until you combine it with INPUT knob.
  • MIX : Blends you processed and dry signal.
  • OUTPUT : Clean output to set final level.
  • ANALOG OBSESSION : Will engage oversampling.

 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

ReLife_1.1  ( 10 MB )

ReLife_1.1 MAC  ( 26 MB )

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