Analog Obsession – dBComp



size 7 MB  / 21 MB

dBComp is a drum compressor / limiter.

Also, use with acoustic/electric guitar and bass guitar to add snap!

  • Attack time : program-dependent; 15ms for 10dB, 5ms for 20dB, 3ms for 30dB.
  • Release time : program-dependent; 8ms for 1dB, 80ms for 10dB, 400ms for 50dB.
  • Threshold : Will set compression amount.
  • Compression : Will set ratio.
  • HPF : Highpass Filter 20 to 500Hz.
  • MIX : Blends DRY and WET signal.
  • EXT-SC : Engages external side chain input.
  • ANALOG OBSESSION: This label is clickable. It will turn to red and engage Oversampling (4x).

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

dBComp  ( 7 MB )

dBComp.pkg  ( 21 MB )

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