A1StereoControl 3


size 1.48 MB  /  1.73 MB  /  5.56 MB  /  5.55 MB  /  1.25 MB

A1StereoControl is a stereo wideness expander / limiter.
The integrated Safe Bass algorithm centers all bass frequencies below an adjustable value. This gives your tracks the solidity and definition you want while preserving maximum transpancy and sharpness.
Additionally A1StereoControl brings you the possibility to place your stereo signal inside the stereo field in a very intuitive way. The expert mode features different pan laws (0db, -3db, -6db), different pan curves (linear, logarithmic, sin/cos) as well as classic balance mode or dual panning.

  • Expand or limit stereo wideness (from 0% to 200%).
  • SAFE BASS algorithm centers all bass frequencies (BASS gets MONO).
  • Linear phase (important for mastering).
  • RESIZABLE GUI (fully vector-based, nice on ‘retina’ displays or even very small ones).
  • No latency.
  • Phase Flip (flips the whole input signal 180°).
  • Swap L-R (swaps left and right input channel).
  • Mono turns the input signal to mono, but panning is still possible.
  • All parameters automatable.
  • – 12 dB input and output gain.

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64 rtas vst 2 1download audio unit download free vst

A1StereoControl-WinVST32-v1.1  ( 1.48 MB )

A1StereoControl-WinVST64-v1.1  ( 1.73 MB )

A1StereoControl-MacAU-v1.1  ( 5.56 MB )

A1StereoControl-MacVST-v1.1  ( 5.55 MB )

A1StereoControl-MacRTAS-v1.1  ( 1.25 MB )

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