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Wavemaxos was created to make fat sounds and heavy noises.
It supposed to be a monophonic vsti but you can ceate interesting sounds while pressing two or some keys at time. It is suitable to create sound effect to put into electronic tracks, and is good to create strange basses 4 dubstep music. It is the first plugin of the “STRANge PLUGIN” series, so don’t think to use a normal software.

  • 3 additive oscillators.
  • 2 lfo modulators.
  • 4 waveform.
  • Soft/hard controls.
  • Attack, relase and exclusive turbo control.
  • Stereo delays.
  • Stereo lowpass filters.
  • Stereo filter lfo.
  • 30 presets.

YouTube video

download win 32 download free vst

WAVEMAXOS  ( 2.19 MB )

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