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VOLA is a voice optimized leveling amplifier.
It was originally made for broadcast voice dynamics processing, but it works well with all kinds of material, like drums and synth pads. VOLA aims to sound clean, but can be used for extreme compression effects as well.

  • Upwards & downwards compression, each separately adjustable.
  • Very soft knee compression gradually turning to limiting at “Push Down” point.
  • Visual metering for changes in dynamics.
  • Statistics display.


  • LF Filter: Several low frequency filtering presets with different cut-off frequencies and Q-values.
  • Attack Mode: Several attack presets from zero to 1 sec.
  • Push Down: Amount of downward compression.
  • Pull Up: Amount of upwards compression.
  • Recovery: Changes recovery speed. -10 is the slowest and 0 the fastest.
  • HF De-Emphasis: Controls how much high frequencies can affect the dynamics compression. Useful for vocals for keeping sibilants at bay.
  • Flt Side Chain: Puts the LF filter into compressor side chain, instead of the main input. The LF Filter must be active for this to take effect.
  • Display Speed: The speed of the gain reduction display. Selectable between 1 – 10 seconds.


download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

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