Telephone Voice Dialled Up


Telephone Voice Dialled Up

size 35 KB

Telephone is a simple yet highly realistic telephone audio simulator.  This plug-in uses very steep, 6 pole high-pass and low-pass filters to create the telephone audio bandwidth of 350Hz – 3KHz.  A granulizer reduces the resolution to 8 bits just like the phone company!Works with both mono and stereo signals.

TRY IT! Download Telephone for FREE here.   This plug is fully functional and has no timeout or other restrictions.  Download the file Telephone.dll and save it to your VST plug-ins folder.  For proper operation this plug-in must be used as an INSERT on channel, group or master outputs (the processor will produce no output when used as a SEND effect).

download win 32 download free vst

Telephone ( 35 KB )

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