Sampleson – Rand



size 7 MB  / 10 MB

Rand is a generative synth sound module.
It will create a new patch every single time you hit that button in the middle. Edit panel will allow you to fine-tune sounds.

One button. A lot of logic: Rand is a subtractive synth with a huge amount of randomness. Parametrized with a sound-design logic to get the most of the results to be usable as a patch. All of the randomized parameters are accessible via the “Edit Current” button.

You can use the patches as they are once you press the Rand button, or you can use the initial patch as inspiration to tweak each sound into a new and refined one.

Resulting patches and banks can be exported and shared without limits. Just click on “Open/Save” then “More” and “Export Bank” to get a shareable file.

YouTube video

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

Rand_x86  ( 7 MB )

Rand_x64  ( 10 MB )

Rand.vst  ( 10 MB )

Rand.component  ( 10 MB )

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