rancorSynth 2


size 2.13 MB

rancorSynth is a free software synthesizer that offers a streamlined interface for quick sound synthesis.
It combines the most common modules many expert sound designers use in a very compact manner. This allows you to have many instances of the synth on the screen at one time and quickly adjust parameters, or layer many sounds together in an efficient way.
rancorSynth also has a unique Rand button which quickly randomizes all parameters. Lacking inspiration or ideas? Let the synth conjure up a sound for you! You can then use that sound as a starting point, or hit “Rand” again until you find something you like a bit better.

  • 2 Oscillators – Sin, Square, Saw or Noise wave.
  • 1 LFO with toggle button.
  • Filter module.
  • Master volume control.
  • Lightning fast randomization of all parameters.


download win 32 download free vst

rancorSynth  ( 2.13 MB )

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