Quilcom – SECTION

Quilcom - SECTION


size  13 MB  / 16 MB

SECTION explores instrument ensemble simulation without using a conventional delay-based chorus system.

The main technique is to take any waveform and create unique waveform tables using a technique called Phase Scrambling. This retains the partials’ magnitudes but randomises their phases to give 9 different waveforms with broadly the same timbre. These can then be detuned and panned without the pronounced “flanginess” of more common methods.

You could think of it as a glorified brass and string synth that can do other stuff too.

Includes load of free waveforms from The Adventure Kid and that all-important User Guide for more background and instructions.

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

Quilcom-SECTION_Win32  ( 13 MB )

Quilcom-SECTION_Win64  ( 16 MB )

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