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PitchedDelay is a delay that allows the pitching of the delayed signal

This can be done within or outside the feedback loop. Besides the pitch shifting it has feedback, a basic filter in the feedback path for signal manipulation and mono, stereo and ping-pong mode per delay.


PitchedDelay  PitchedDelay  PitchedDelay PitchedDelay  PitchedDelay

lkjb_PitchedDelay_v1_2_2  ( 0.92 MB )

lkjb_PitchedDelay_x64_v1_2_2  ( 0.79 MB )

lkjb_PitchedDelay.component_v1_2_2  ( 3.56 MB )

lkjb_PitchedDelay.vst_v1_2_2  ( 3.56 MB )

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