Metallurgy 3


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Metallurgy is a multi effect that is capable of providing sounds ranging from some basic, subtle, filter tweaks to twisted, complex, walls of sound that have virtually no resemblance to the original audio.
Metallurgy offers 3 filters with multiple modulation options, 2 digital distortions, 2 downsamplers, dual delay, an envelope follower, a gate sequencer, and a Metal effect that, in addition to flanging and metallic effects, also provides the ability to produce pitched sequences, and can even be played in real time via your MIDI controller or sequencer…nearly turning Metallurgy into an synth on its own.
Metal effect:

  • For metallic sounds, flanging, and sequenced notes.
  • 16 step pitch sequencer with a 5 octave note range, portamento, and sequence length.
  • MIDI note input option.
  • LFO.


  • Low pass, band pass, and high pass.
  • All 3 filters can function at the same time, running in parallel.
  • Each filter has its own LFO, which can control both cutoff and pan.
  • 16 step sequencer with mod amount control for each filter, glide, and sequence length.
  • Each filter has its own volume control.
  • Each filter has its own pan control.
  • Filth 1 and 2…each includes.


  • Distortion with 3 modes.
  • LFO controls the downsamplers (8 modes, including positive and negative options).
  • Filth 1 = pre filter, Filth 2 = post filter.

Gate + Pan sequencer:

  • 16 steps.
  • Option to sequence the gate, pan, or both.
  • Gate length control.
  • Mix control.
  • Dual Delay.
  • Each has its own time controls.
  • Stereo width adjustment.

Envelope follower:

  • Modulate any/all of the 3 filter cutoffs.
  • Modulate Metal time + the Metal’s all pass filter.
  • Modulate input volume.
  • Modulate effect mix.
  • Amount, attack, and decay controls.

Other Features:

  • Randomizer for most sections.
  • MIDI CC control over nearly all parameters.
  • Host BPM sync for LFOs and sequencers, as well as an optional internal clock.
  • Mono signal path.
  • 512 categorized presets.

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Metallurgy15 ( 3.66 MB )

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