Low Wave Studios – Drum Snapper

Low Wave Studios - Drum Snapper

Drum Snapper

size 1.7 MB  / 4.5 MB  / 4.4 MB

Drum Snapper is a transient shaper tailored for drums.
It can add more snap or more sustain to the drums and has other extra functions not found on other transient shapers.
  • It has a Focus knob specially made for sharpening the attack of the drum.
  • A Tape-like Clipper that is oversampled to avoid aliasing (introduces latency, for best quality).
  • With the Release knob it is possible to shape the tail of the drum when adding sustain and change the sensitivity of the processing when adding attack;
  • A Tape-like Clipper for distorting high frequencies spikes, with both gain and mix controls. To add excitement.


download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

DrumSnapper_Win64  ( 1.7 MB )

DrumSnapper_MacVST  ( 4.5 MB )

DrumSnapper_MacAU  ( 4.4 MB )

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