JBR Chorus

JBR Chorus 3

JBR Chorus

size 0.67 MB  / 0.76 MB

JBR Chorus is a 8 voices chorus.

  • Up to 8 independent voices – each with separate delay, depth, gain, pan and other options.
  • Delays between 0 ms and 100 ms.
  • Nearly unlimited modulation capabilities – up to 50 modulators each with up to 50 targets, allowing for modulation of almost every smoothly-changed parameter.
  • LFOs with several waveform shapes.
  • Linear and cubic delay line interpolation.
  • Smooth parameter changes with adjustable smoothness.
  • Low CPU usage.


download win 32 download win 64 download free vst

JBR-Chorus  ( 0.67 MB )

JBR-Chorus_x64  ( 0.76 MB )

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