igorski – HomeCorrupter

igorski - HomeCorrupter


size 2 MB  / 3 MB

HomeCorrupter can degrade the resolution of any incoming audio signal by reducing the sampling rate and bit depth.

Further lo-fi quality is achieved by reducing the “computers clock speed” which slows down the playback of the input, all on the fly. It provides an effect that harks back to a period in which computers weren’t actually that good at handling audio.

All properties can either be automated using the built-in oscillators or can be controlled directly from your DAW.

HomeCorrupter is pretty straightforward as you can control sample rate, bit depth and playback rate using their dedicated sliders. Each of these can also be controlled by an LFO. The LFO’s become active once their speed is set above 0 Hz. You can set the speed between 0 – 10 Hz and control the depth of the sweep for a stronger effect. Additional to the above you can set the wet/dry mix of the effect using the balance controls.

HomeCorrupter provides up to 30 seconds of recording which gives you plenty of time to slow down the playback to its maximum (e.g. half speed). Note that once you return the playback rate to the original speed the playback will jump to match the input stream (think of it as aligning the read / write heads on a tape recorder). This should allow you to create live “record scratches” or “tape machine shutdown” effects while being able to return to the original sound with perfect timing.

YouTube video


download win 32 download win 64  download free vst

Homecorrupter_Win64  ( 2 MB )

Homecorrupter_MacVST  ( 3 MB )

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