HASound – Big Apple

Big Apple

Big Apple

size 4 MB

Big Apple  is a feed-forward dynamic range compressor based on the ideal VCA mathematical model.

This audio processor allows you to use the parallel compression mixing technique (also known as New York compression) in your everyday work. The parallel compression works inline without any additional routing inside your DAW.

Big Apple plugin also available as a simple unit!

  • Threshold: from 0 dB to -60 dB.
  • Ratio: until 20:1 (with the soft knee mode).
  • Make-up gain: until +24 dB.
  • Attack range: 1..200 ms.
  • Release range: 50..2000 ms (with the auto release mode).
  • The sidechain input for an external signal (your host application has to support this feature).
  • VST3 64bit.

YouTube video


download win 64 download free vst

hasound_free_bigapple  ( 4 MB )

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