Freeverb3 2


size 6.84 MB  / 6.99 MB  / 18.7 MB 

Freeverb3 is a package of VST DSP effect plugins utilizing the Freeverb3 signal processing library.
This package includes many types of audio processing effects. Multiple types of high quality mono and stereo reverb effects, an multi slot impulse response convolution processor, multiband stereo compressor and limiter and stereo enhancers are available.

download win 32 download win 64  download free vst

freeverb3_vst-fast-SSE3-singleprecision-win-3.1.1  ( 6.84 MB )

freeverb3_vst-fast-x64-singleprecision-win-3.1.1  ( 6.99 MB )

freeverb3_vst-macosx-fast-singleprecision-3.1.1 ( 18.7 MB )

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