Flandersh Tech – Uraleq

Flandersh Tech - Uraleq


size 5 MB

Uraleq is an advanced multiband processor with multiband compressors, delays, and balance controls.

Featuring comprehensive Mid/Side processing, linear-phase FIR filters, flexible parameter settings and LFO modulation.


Uraleq is suitable for both mixing, mastering, and creative processing.
  • Multiband Mid/Side processing.
  • Multiband downward compression and upward expansion with variable knee and dry/wet ratio.
  • Individual FIR oversampling of the compressors up to 32x.
  • LFOs for multiband amplitude modulation, autopan, and creative delay effects.
  • Higher order FIR Low Cut/High Cut Filters.
  • VST3 64bit.


download win 64 download free vst

Uraleq-Install  ( 5 MB )

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